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Creekside has the best volleyball court in Auburn, with the most beautiful surroundings of the creek, clubhouse, and pool its unbeatable that’s why we choose to practice here over anywhere else in town.
Kelly-Auburn University Student and Womens Volleyball Player
Creekside of Auburn Resident

One of the main reasons I enjoy living here is the mix of people that I’m surrounded by. There’s always stuff going on and people are always having a good time. I mean living in Creekside is just fun!
Claire-Auburn University Student
Creekside of Auburn Resident

While most students find themselves studying at the noisy, over-crowded library, I prefer walking across the street to Creekside’s clubhouse. Its clean and welcoming environment makes for a very desirable study area. I find myself sitting on the couch by the fire place or even outside on the patio by the pool while using the free wi-fi internet. This makes studying very bearable and sometimes quite fun, especially when our study group orders pizza!
Melissa-Auburn University Student
Creekside of Auburn Resident

I enjoy how nice everything is and how well kept the property stays. Also, the gym and pool are one of my favorite places to be on any day of the week. The pool is hands down one of the coolest pools in Auburn and attracts a ton of cool people. The pool side grill is a huge plus as well.
Fuller-Auburn University Student
Creekside of Auburn Resident

Living in Creekside has truly enhanced my college experience by allowing me to live in a positive environment where we can create lasting memories and friendships.
Allison- Auburn University Student
Creekside of Auburn Resident

Creekside is a great place to live. The neighborhood has a great student environment and we never run out of things to do. We've got a huge pool, tennis courts, volleyball court and all of my friends live here. Having the Tiger Transit stops in the neighborhood makes it so easy for me to get to campus and not have to deal with parking. 
Auburn University Student

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Woodruff for doing a great job managing my property through a recent water issue. A few weeks ago when the weather was so cold I had a pipe burst and flooded my unit. It was bad! Meradith Dunn did a great job communicating to me what happened, communicating with tennant, coordinating with contractors to replace drywall, paint, replace carpeting and hardwood flooring. She worked with my insurance company to get them the information needed as well. She really did an outstanding job helping me get this problem repaired and my tennant has moved back in. It was a pleasure working with her on this. I wanted you to know what a great job she did to resolve my problem and get property back up and running as quickly as possible. It makes me glad to have you managing my property.   Thanks again Meradith!
D. Jones
Creekside Condominuim Owner & Woodruff Property Management Participant

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